Happy International Women's Month!

In commemoration of the International Month of Women, we celebrated the women colleagues and staff at Noah Real Estate. “The Customer Service Department is composed of eight women,” says Ms. Frehiwot, the Senior Customer Service Head. “It is exciting to have this many colleagues and friends in an office. The job highly inquires team spirit since it is usually done in teams. Your social skills are at stake, not only for the customers but with your co-workers too. And this, more than anything helped us to achieve that synchronization and effective outputs to the services we provide.” Customer Service is the link between all the services Noah provides. There are assigned personnel who will provide information via phone. After the purchase is complete the rest of the process is completed with the help of this team. This is the very reason why, in March, we would like to appreciate your hard work and effort for the greater good of our company. Noah Real Estate is currently selling luxury apartments on two different sites. Noah Yeka Hills is located around the Kebena area in front of the British Embassy. And Noah Convention is located around Bole Flamingo. For more information regarding these sites, reach out to our customer service at 6100 | 0948 11 11 11 | 0949 11 11 11. Happy International Women’s Month!!!


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